The architecture practice J1 operates in the broadest realm of architecture. Beyond a sketch the office produces full technical designs of buildings and interiors and product design. It is involved in both the design and realization.

The objective of the practice is to be involved with both private and professional clients. We understand the differences, needs and requirements of both client groups and respond to this distinction. Before the start of a project all wishes and requirements are investigated in depth in a workshop setting to have a broad foundation for the further elaboration of the project.

Conceptual sketches and ideas to full technical designs and the management of a project including the execution are part of the scope of the office. The key is to unburden the client and support them with the best suited answer for the assignment. Current techniques such as designing in a building information model can be incorporated in the design stage and used for representation.

The client is the central figure in the development of a design. Involvement is the key to a successful project and is what separates an architectural design from a standard building process. In this way truly unique buildings can be devised. The office takes a proactive approach and invests to incorporate the client’s wishes into the development without over exhausting its involvement.

Every development is unique and requires an effective approach. Every client has other wishes, requirements and budget. Achieving an optimum ratio is the key focus of the office. All prerequisites from esthetical, statutory to functional kind are being carefully weighed in the design stage. Budget is obviously one of the key factors.

Every location and assignment has its own unique result. The office does therefore not pursue a house style but rather bring value by specific analysis and well executed design. Spatial perception, natural light, innovative use of material and an eye for detail are markers that are crucial in every design.

An unambiguous development with specific aesthetical and technical detailing and clear functional and technical plans are intrinsic values that the office uses in each design and adapts to the specific task.

Sustainability, environmental and social considerations are key in each design process. Sustainability goes beyond the common "green" building. The flexibility in structure and function, durability of materials and technical equipment is also taken into account in the choices to be made. A plan is therefore developed as an integrated design in order to monitor all characteristic technical requirements.

Jeen Pot

ir. Jeen Pot

1980 - Harderwijk, NL

2004 - Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Bouwkunde Architectuur 1e fase
2007 - TU Delft Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences with Honours
2005 - 2006 designer and technical engineer Olaf Gipser Architects | Amsterdam
2007 - 2017 projectarchitect architectural office cepezed | Delft
2017 - founded J1 architecture | Delft
2017 - present architect and owner J1 architecture